Since 1990, we have assisted a number of early-stage and small capitalization public companies with M&A expertise.

At prior firms our Managing Directors have had significant M&A experience, including strategy, due diligence and execution of cross-border engagements with large publicly-traded companies.

We Understand M&A

  • Due diligence and preparation of offering materials must be conducted in an organized and expedited fashion, often with limited staff and limited resources.
  • Corporate governance issues, especially meeting the duties of a small-capitalization company board can be daunting. This often requires difficult negotiations in the term sheet to allow for procedures to seek a higher bid, and an accelerated shopping process in order to demonstrate that higher offers were sought.
  • Merger mandates require the ability to understand the technology and the value proposition of both companies. In the energy technology sector this can be difficult unless a firm is credentialed in the valuation of technologies that may have excellent future value but little or no current market penetration.
  • Sellers need passionate representation and a firm that can access a full range of potential acquirers.
  • Fairness opinions must be researched for comparable valuations and previous transactions in the sector, which often are difficult to access due to the limited number of comparable public companies, significant down round financings, and a lack of details in publicly disclosed M&A transactions.

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